“It’s about the journey,” they say. Not the destination.

Though perhaps overused in today’s America by self-proclaimed dreamers and the proud meandering, it does seem an appropriate phrase at this time and place for artist and worship leader Zach Steinbach.

From Summerfest stages and Milwaukee’s Hispanic ministry, to a grassroots church near Chicago’s Wrigleyville, to a recent 5-year stint in Nashville, Tennessee, Zach’s musical trip has been nothing short of an journey since he first learned to sing and play guitar as a kid. And the path is still winding: 2018 brought him back Wisconsin along with his California-native wife, Kacey, where the two now live in downtown Cedarburg, a few minutes north of Cream City.

Here Zach continues to tell his story in song both inside and outside of the worship setting. Artist, worship leader, and 100% true, Zach Steinbach is known and remembered for his genuine nature and disarming personality both onstage and off.

“I think I’m better at ‘making’ family than I am at making fans…” Zach admits with a grin. “I’ve found I’m not all that interested in being idolized or worshiped. I hope to keep connecting with people on a level plain, eye to eye, and to help them worship something greater.”

Zach has released various studio recordings which are available for purchase and streaming on all major platforms. His latest single, Coming To Get You was released last June. He currently serves as a regular worship leader for various churches in the Midwest and plans to release his first full length Christian album in 2020.